The Art Of The Con

How to turn your people into a Human Firewall

New scams are appearing every day and knowledge is the best defence. The name of the game is protection and Paul’s mission is to teach the secrets that professional criminals don’t want you to know.


How understanding con games can help you run a more street-smart organization.

What if you had the ability to detect and prevent crooks conning your company? What if you yourself had the power to gain people’s complete confidence? What if, instead of a scam, you could use that power to improve your leadership and customer loyalty? Paul Wilson says that knowing how con games work can help you be a better leader, a killer negotiator and a more street-smart brand builder.

Part investigator and part magician, Paul is the world’s foremost expert on cons and scams. His hit TV show, The Real Hustle, has run for eleven seasons on the BBC and been syndicated in over forty five countries. Scenes from the show are used by Universities and law enforcement agencies to study and understand confidence games.

What’s the psychology behind the con and what can we learn from it? How does a con man identify a mark? What are the four phases of a con game? Which three questions will stop any scam in its tracks? What is the one fact that instantly makes you harder to con?

Paul demonstrates dozens of ingenious scams, shares incredible stories from this remarkable world and teaches how to protect your company, clients and colleagues from falling victim to a confidence trick.

He’ll also show how an understanding of the psychology behind confidence schemes can be used for good ends, making your team better at leading their teams and better at gaining the confidence of customers for life. Along the way, they’ll be amazed and entertained.

And because confidence games use the same principles as magic, your audience will be both entertained and amazed as Paul uses sleight of hand, crooked carnival games and devilish devices to demonstrate the powerful, devastating psychology behind all con games. An hour with Paul could be the most fun and most valuable investment in a speaker your company can make.

Paul has written and starred in eleven seasons of BBC’s hit show “The Real Hustle”, created and starred in “The Takedown” for Court TV and created, produced and starred in “Scammed” for the History Channel.

He co-authored “Understanding Scam Victims: Seven principles for systems security”, has contributed articles to newspapers and reported for BBC’s Watchdog and Crimewatch programmes.

He has been keynote speaker for clients such as Mastercard, University Of Cambridge, Scotland Yard, City of London and ESAS forum.

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